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ArtShould wants to know your deepest, darkest secrets. This quarter, you’ll see our little orange mailboxes in your favorite student-run cafes and blank postcards scattered around campus. Follow these simple steps to delicious, anonymous confession time.

1. Take postcard.

2. Cover blank side with something you’ve never told everyone. Feel free to get creative if you want, or don’t. Just spill the beans.

3. Return your secret to any of the four mailboxes we’ve placed around campus—in Cobb Cafe, Harper Cafe, Hallowed Grounds and Ex Libris.

4. On Wednesday of 10th week from 7-10 PM, stop by McCormick Tribune Lounge to view your fellow students’ secrets—and find your own.

Check out for the scintillating results of UChicago PostSecret 2011, or the original PostSecret website ( if you need inspiration. And be sure to tell your friends—PostSecret at UChicago is not a secret anymore.

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